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Darling is in the process that grow, it is him needShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Learn a lot of things, for instance oneself have a meal, him darling has a meal is an anxiety in heart of a lot of parents all the time, disposition of some parents itself is more irratable, if darling is not obedient when have a meal,perhaps having what oneself have some of baby is everywhere, some parents often are to cannot help can delivering goods, letting him darling have a meal actually need a course, the parent needs to have patience.

 How to foster him darling to have a meal

How to foster him darling to have a meal?

1, give him a spoon

When wanting darling to be willing to had received spoon from inside your hand only, you can give him a small spoon. LeaveForum of Shanghai night net

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Only then when, he just treats it as probably the toy will play, bite bite it, brandish it or it is to take it to come drumstick is knocked. However, no matter how does he use that spoon, not with inapt table formal for and try go prohibiting he.

Make an appointment with when darling when 8 months are big, he already put tablespoon into the bowl via the society and try put dishes to go with rice into spoon with spoon. At that time, you are OK first a few dish meal is put into spoon, let him try next write oneself to take food. When him busy when feeding oneself, you can put dish rice into another spoon inside, with make alternatelyFall in love with the sea

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Used means will train him darling to have a meal.

 How to foster him darling to have a meal

2, encourage darling to take a thing to eat with the hand

In the food that if you can’t help stopping,darling puts the hand into you to prepare meticulously, next again full hand alimental the word in the mouth that hand a place of strategic importance enters him, immediately, he can associate food and mouth together, and you also can let him begin your to have a thing slowly. In the mouth that how no matter food is,enters darling, or after all how many food eats went in, what want darling to eat only is glad, those who eat is to one’s heart’s content, enjoy eating pleasure can!

3, let darling eat follow one’s inclinationsly

Darling begins ego to feed when feeding, his food combination may comparative the ground is barpque. For example: Darling may put green vegetables into chocolate pudding first in, send in past mouth again next. Or be throw the meal into fruit juice, retry next go scooping up the meal with the hand eat.

 How to foster him darling to have a meal

4, darling of not ambitious approach has a thing

When darling is satiate, he can promote food, at that time, you can harvest dish rice, do not force him to eat or be to still let him sit on eat chair to hope he is met a bowl dish medium food eats. If you are in he is satiate after, if still leaving him on eat chair, he is met heart and soul do over destroy and his destruction force is quite breathtaking, terrible, your patience is planted via removing this certainly powerful destruction and destroy. Accordingly, the most well-advised choice lets him be in namely desk of full nowadays of heart full meal. If you worry about child be on short commons, or it is nutritionLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Undesirable, you are OK can be at ease. Because darling won’t let him suffer hunger absolutely, and want you to prepare balanced diet for him only, he also absolutely won’t hidebound. If this still cannot let you believeShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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If taking, you can estimate height weight regularly for himShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, the height weight that wants baby only is inside standard limits, won’t hidebound.

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