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Cough of bronchus of in actual life is occurrence inflammation of bronchus of a kind of human body perhaps appears a kind of symptom that chronic inflammation place causes, because bacterium and virus infection place are brought about,basically beFall in love with the sea

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Bronchus agnail, can cause the appearance of occurrence cough easily, and the symptom that bronchus coughs basically shows cough snorty, husky perhaps and pharynx and larynx is uncomfortable wait for a state.

What is bronchus cough symptom

What is bronchus cough symptom?

Bronchitic it is to point to mucous membrane of tracheal, bronchus and the inflammation of chronic blame particularity that organize all round its. Bronchitic main reason is virus and bacterium affect the inflammation of chronic blame particularity that formed bronchus repeatedly. Drop when air temperature, convulsion of respiratory tract little blood vessel is short of benefit of the demote below blood, defence function to wait for chronic stimulation to also can come on at sending air of dust of ill; aerosol, pollution; smoking makes motion of mutation of bronchus convulsion, mucous membrane, cilium is reduced, mucus secretes grow in quantity advantageous infection.

What is bronchus cough symptom

Clinical expression

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1, acute bronchitic

Acute is bronchitic come on initial stage often is behaved affect a symptom for the upper respiratory tract, the patient has sound of painful harmony of n&v snuffle, tears drifting Qing Dynasty, pharynx to wait for clinical expression throatily normally. And systemic symptom is relatively slight, but can appear low heat, Wei cold, the whole body is lack of power, self-conscious pharynx laryngeal is scratchy, stimulating cough reachs the ache after breastbone. Inchoate phlegmy capacity is not much, but phlegmy fluid is not easy and expectorate, 2 ~ 3 in the future phlegmy fluid can turn by mucus sex for mucus pus sex. Patient catch cold catch cold, inspiratory cold air or excitant gas can make cough aggravate or cause cough. When patient morning rises or nightly cough constant more remarkable. Cough also can is clonic, show endurance cough sometimes. Often accompany when cough is acuteness disgusting, vomiting and bosom, abdominal muscle achesA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Painful. If companion has bronchus convulsion, can roar cries amiable urgent. Generally speaking, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Acute is bronchiticShanghai noble baby

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Course of diseases has be restricted certainly oneself quality, systemic symptom can be in 4 ~ the subsidise inside 5 days, but cough can lengthen several weeks sometimes.

Check body to be able to discover drying sound sometimes, disappear after cough; lung is bottom occasionally sound of of audibility wet sex, when companion has bronchus convulsion, audibility roar cries sound. Leucocyte computation is normally normal, Shanghai noble baby

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Bosom X line piece the examination also does not have unusual discovery.

What is bronchus cough symptom

2, chronically bronchitic

Chronic bronchitic it is to show what except coughs chronically is other after all sorts of reasons, the patient is annual and chronic cough, expectoration 3 months above, successive 2 years. Not constant companion has the air current that exists continuously to suffer be restricted.

(1) cough relapses, the outstanding performance that the cough that accentuates gradually is this disease. Light person come on in wintry spring section only, get up with early morning especially from beginning to end is the most apparent, cough is less by day. Xia Qiu is seasonal, cough is reduced or disappear. Serious illness patient criterion the four seasons all coughs, wintry spring aggravate, cough day and night, morning and evening particularly acuteness.

(2) expectoration is general phlegmy submit form of foam of white sticky vacuole, morning rises more, often go out because of sticky stiff and not easy cough up. In the symptom after infection or catch a cold catch a cold rapid aggravate, phlegmy volume increase, viscosity increases, or show maize pus sex phlegmy or companion has breath. Cough because of drama occasionally and phlegmy in carry blood.

(3) asthma is affected when amalgamative respiratory tract when, as a result of oedema of hyperaemia of fine bronchus mucous membrane, phlegmy fluid block and bronchus canal antrum are narrow, can produce asthma (breath) symptom. Patient pharynx laryngeal produces asthma song when breath, lung is auscultatory from time to tome roar cries sound.

(When 4) affects cold season repeatedly or air temperature changes suddenly, incidental iteration respiratory tract infection. Patient asthma is right now aggravating, phlegmy quantity is apparent grow in quantity and the sex that show pus, companion has the whole body lack of power, wei is cold, calorific wait. Lung appears wet sex sound, computation of the leucocyte that check blood increases etc. Iteration respiratory tract infection makes the illness of senile patient easily exasperate especially, must give take seriously adequately.

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