[the harm of vivid check of mammary gland puncture] – of harm of _ of _ examination influence

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People often goes a hospital doing check-up, for the healthy state that have a medical check-up, but the instrument in the process that going checking also can cause certain loss to the body. Pat in the hospital for instanceSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
When absorbing X light, can cause to the bodyShanghai night net

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Radiation, the person that gets X illumination for a long time to shoot is more incidental canceration. The method that check can live through mammary gland puncture when checking mammary gland will check, so what harm does vivid check of mammary gland puncture have?

 The harm of vivid check of mammary gland puncture

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Besides average local package piece the circumstance is to do not have necessary of the check that do work, average groovy package piece unless afterwards hair is in lymphatic, general is not to needA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Vivid check will undertake. Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Vivid check puncture is diagnose bump property, if can puncture can be diagnosed to the word of bump, can diagnose. Do not eliminate the possibility of breast cancer. Unusual, axillary lymph node enlargement has change of skin of fluid of excessive of mammary gland bump, tit, tit, tit afore-mentioned circumstances should take seriously quite. Should go mammary gland colour exceeds, when necessary examination of target of mammary gland molybdenum, tumor indicates content is checked.

 The harm of vivid check of mammary gland puncture

Result of puncture vivid check has been made clear is breast cancer, breast cancer once diagnose, the remedial program of first selection is an operation, next the pathology according to operation hind, making follow-up treatment, artForum of Shanghai night net

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Backsight circumstance sees chemical sex treatment, endocrine, target wait to cure.

If be the symptom with occurrence aching breast, general and common is mammary gland hyperplasia or mammary gland fibroma, if be distrustful breast cancer, can make the puncture vivid check of mammary gland further, vivid check of puncture of general mammary gland is belonged to small achieve, so won’t too ache, advocate if adipose liquefaction may appear after puncture,perhaps affect, need notices local cleanness is wholesome.

 The harm of vivid check of mammary gland puncture

Mammary gland puncture is in clinical going up is very safe, do not have the harm with too great what, it he is plunged into from a few place with injector namely is OK that he is plunged into from a few places with injector namely. But if be tumor, so the possibility that does not eliminate to cause tumor to diffuse below this kind of circumstance, can exceed through mammary gland colour above all and molybdenum target will make clear an abecedarian to diagnose, if be tumor certainly, can dissection make section inspection.

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