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Hormone is checked 6 times is method of the female’s commonnest a kind of examination, if the female appears a few FuNew Shanghai nobleForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Division disease, often need hormone at that time 6 examination, it basically includes 6 items, close to e.g. serum follicular and mature hormone, the project such as corpus luteum ketone, the time of the examination must understand when check, must the examination that in female menstruation day of the following 3~4 has this side again, we will see thisShanghai night net

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The content of the face.

 6 sex hormone are checked

6 sex hormone are checked

Hormone is 6 to point to: Serum hurried is follicular and mature hormone (corpus luteum of FSH) , hurried makes element (the LH) , element that urge breast, female 2 alcohol (estrogen) , corpus luteum ketone, Gao ketone (androgen) .

Serum hurried is follicular and mature hormone (FSH) : Main effect is maturity of stimulative sexual gland, can use at casting oviposit time, diagnose infecund disease.

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Hurried corpus luteum makes element (LH) : Main effect is to promote sexual gland maturity to urge lacteal white.

Female 2 alcohol (estrogen) : By ovarian generation, main function is development of organ of exciting female accessory illuminate grow reach female feature to appear.

 6 sex hormone are checked

Gao ketone (androgen) : Gao ketone grow in quantity can cause female male to change, disease of female much wool, much wool is ovarian syndrome, congenital the disease such as disease of adrenal coriaceous grow in quantity.

Corpus luteum ketone: Because corpus luteum function is not complete and the case that sends a habitual abortion, determine corpus luteum ketone has diagnostic sense. Through determining content of ketone of serous corpus luteum, can understand corpus luteum function, can understand ovarian have without oviposit. Follicular period content of corpus luteum ketone is low, oviposit hind increases, if oviposit raises a possibility continuously,be pregnant.

When to check hormone 6?

Generally speaking, if want to know the fundamental position of each hormone, need menstruation exsanguinate of 2-4 day (see menstrual blood isShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The first day of) . Detect corpus luteum function, but in menstruation exsanguinate of 22-24 day checks corpus luteum ketone.

 6 sex hormone are checked

Menstrual rule, produce without undesirable pregnant history the Yo age female of special perhaps and clinical expression, hormone of the assay in needing to be checked before groovy pregnant 6. 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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