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The health of taste the body to peopleA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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It is quite crucial for, to the body because of the health of taste each functionary safeguards the effect that had a base. Taste occurrence problem can bring serious anguish to the body of people, let patients be faced with life menace even. And be good at lienal it is the foundation that prevents this kind of disease, use motion to come be good at the method that lienal dispute often suits, look below be good at what does lienal motion have?

Be good at what does lienal motion have

Be good at lienal petty action

1, move move toe

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, be likeForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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If function of fruit taste health, taste is strong, the ground is seized with toe when standing the meeting is very firm, conversely, if taste function is insufficient good, toe seizes the ground faint, want to exercise taste, can try the method through exercising toe, this method is very simple, station it is move, OK to sitting do, when stand or sitting, double foot1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Put smooth go up in the ground, want to sticking the ground closely, next toe seizes the ground, loosen, undertake alternately, time not plan accident, undertake taking exercise at will. This kind of method can be achieved be good at lienal reason is, the toe that one pine tightens exercises the lienal classics that can stimulate crus.

Be good at what does lienal motion have

2, massage abdomen

The point that has very much lienal classics is to be on our abdomen, they are commonly before our human body the place that 4 inches are opening by central line, if press the word that presses this position to be able to feel aching, so, lienal much more insalubrious. Massage abdomen is OK dredge lienal classics, enhance lienal function, particular way is: Lie on his back in the bed, navel is a center, attrition both hands, wait for when both hands is tepid, with the palm suitable hour hand rotates, massage 20 times, massage should not be too heavy, too heavy abdomen will be afflictive, of course also cannot too light, massage too gently do not have the effect, hold strength according to his feeling. Additional, doing sit-ups also is good method, and very simple also, should rise early everyday only, before falling asleep, do 20 admire to 40Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Lie case it is OK to sit, the principle that such doing and massage abdomen is same.

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Massage crus

There are a lot of points on crus, some point are on taste classics, the acupuncture point of shade hill spring that sees than as usual and sufficient 3 lis of acupuncture point, because this massages crus,also be raise lienal method well. From the top down wants when massaging, massage slowly, same, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Massage strength cannot too heavy, also do not want too light, with oneself can susceptive strength is beautiful, before can insisting to sleep everyday, had better massage 3 times, when wanting to notice to just had meal full stomach, when starving, perhaps should not massage very much.

Be good at what does lienal motion have

4, crouch Ma Bu

Plunging into Ma Bu is the basic skill that the ancients practises his skill, also be the basic skill of a lot of motion, actually, crouch Ma Buke to leave force of half body flesh with aggrandizement, consolidate below dish, can help us be good at taste.

When crouching Mabu, double foot is opened, the distance is our square-shouldered double, both hands helps knee up, small step couchant a horse, the upper part of the body should keep erect, the body drifts up and down, couchant nadir, do not exceed tiptoe to be a standard with our knee, do 1-2 every time minute.

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