Analyst: Sales volume of accumulative total of whole world of Xbox One lead plane is 41 million about

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We know PS4 and Switch cut sales volume number really, and Xbox One is represented in this world now not beautiful, although Phil Spencer assumed office to undertake later a lot of well-advised decision-making, but the difference that at the beginning of failing to recover this for generations lead plane to come out however, pulls open. Microsoft has announced the sales volume figure of Xbox One no longer, do not pass a ground estimation of Daniel Ahmad of analyst of Niko Partners of company of information of Asian game market, the standard that the sales volume of global accumulative total of Xbox One should control in 41 million now. This also means the 1:2 of Xbox One and PS4sales volume difference pulls bigger more. This also means the Switch that came out 2017 to will be in the sales volume that Xbox One exceeds inside year this year. Altogether, the sales volume of Xbox One is very low fan, this one word proved Microsoft is in market of this for generations mainframe competition is lack of power. Hope they try to seek a breakthrough when leader of second for generations comes.

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