Foreign player appeals ” anthem ” melt down redo learns ” final illusion 14 “

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Of BioWare ” anthem ” up to now already put on sale a many month, no matter how be updated, players still have all sorts of dissatisfactory places to this game. Ask all the time besides domestic and international player outside rising to lead, the kernel of game is extremely empty also, also put in a lot of problems, this is afraid can be not solved through be being updated slowly. The netizen outside there is a state on this moment Reddit suggests BioWare should learn SE ” final illusion 14 ” melt down redo. At present this card has had 867 returns, visible abroad player is right the echo of this card content is very active still. Regretful is, this card did not cause the response of BioWare government personnel. ” final illusion 14 ” this game is the earliest be in September 2010 put on sale, but collapse of the public praise after put on sale, sufferred huge difference is judged. Subsequently the president at that time and Tian Yang established SE a new group, cultivate a leader by Jitianzhi, take over and repair ” final illusion 14 ” . The group at that time besides wanting to make content for original game, be in charge of developing a brand-new version even, solve all criticism that encounter when original game put on sale. First code name is version 2, used a new game engine development, improved server framework, did afresh play a way, interface and story, replaced original game in the round. ” final illusion 14 ” got be evaluated actively in great quantities after new edition put on sale, the mechanism of game itself and upgrade those who obtained media praise, also thank Jitianzhi to cultivate at the same time can ” make vigorous efforts to turn the situation ” . First main content is newer ” the condition of arousal (A Realm Awoken) ” rolled out in December 2013, 3 months meet every other later the content with new republication. At present game has had 3 important data piece, it is Heavensward respectively (2015) , stormblood (2017) with Shadowbringers (2019) . Jitianzhi establishs 3 when still shared game to move toward failure on GDC 2014 easy measure later, it is respectively: Excessive the newer solution that pays attention to a picture to develop a group to lack knowledge of large network You Zhi to think every problem can carry tomorrow must say definitely, of BioWare ” anthem ” before at present located predicament is mixed ” final illusion 14 ” simply exactly like, and the reason that fails repeatedly also is extremely similar. It is the first problem above all: “Excessive pay attention to a picture ” the player thinks very apparent BioWare is in ” anthem ” the major while in game and monetary investment are put on the picture (although this making optimize very sodden still) , is not the kernel that is put in game on this one basis. It is the 2nd problem next: “Development group lacks large network You Zhi to know ” actually, bioWare never has been done truly ” anthem ” brush this kind brush brush kind online game. They brush even the thing with equipment RPG the mainest game to be able to make a mistake, also did not do this type game to must want some attribute pages system of this kind of base. More do not carry end content and captured equipment. Although had developed before them ” quality effect ” , ” Long Teng century ” , ” strategic defense initiative: Old republic ” , but be in ” anthem ” in game, they did not do calm RPG even this respect. The last problem: “Solve newlier what think every problem can carry tomorrow ” BioWare has said for many times, say they are in ” one half step one half step ” the ground goes to solve decisive battle benefit taste final question. The time that leaves BioWare however is not much, their game is fast cool. ” anthem ” need ground of a few nature to rebuild, is not second small update, the result produces more problems however.

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