” strategic defense initiative absolutely: The cavalier of fall from the sky is round ” Xbox edition has PS4 edition 330 yuan 401 yuan

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” strategic defense initiative absolutely: Constituent die falls ” as EA newest ” astral battle ” series game work, will from this before big hot play eating chicken ” Apex hero ” Respawn atelier is made. After 367 yuan price publishs platform of PC edition orange, microsoft and all alone Buddhist nun are unwilling also give the impression of weakness, announced the price of Xbox and PS4 version respectively. Xbox edition ” strategic defense initiative absolutely: Constituent die falls ” harbor takes price Hongkong dollar 429 yuan (add up to a RMB about 367 yuan) , support aggrandizement of Xbox One X, 4K+HDR and alterable frame are led, buy EA member to still can enjoy Hongkong dollar 386.1 yuan (add up to a RMB about 330.4 yuan) discount price. Address of Xbox edition purchase in advance: Nod me to spend money? PS4 harbor takes standard edition price slightly expensive Hongkong dollar 469 yuan (add up to a RMB about 401.33 yuan) , hongkong dollar of luxurious edition price 549 yuan (add up to a RMB about 470 yuan) , keep balance with PC edition, version of PS4 of purchase in advance still can obtain game theme, and Guang Jian and robot companion skin. Address of PS4 edition purchase in advance: Nod me to spend money? It is the introduction of Xbox official net to game below: One paragraph retroflexions the romance of the galaxy, what manufacture in Respawn Entertainment is brand-new game of venture of motion of the 3rd person ” strategic defense initiative absolutely: Constituent die falls ” waiting for you. In the single person game of this gut type, you will enter ” pass before strategic defense initiative 3: On the west this avenge ” story happening before long the galaxy after, reincarnate the absolutely apprentice of the barely escape one’s life in the clean up action from 66 secret order. Set foot on the road that rebuilds to be organized absolutely you, must medley oneself broken associate with, the training that finish, learn technical ability of powerful new raw power to master Guang Jianzhi to, empire and deadly empire still must take care to sentence government-owned devil’s talons at any time in the meantime. In the process of training, the Guang Jian that the player experiences organic meeting dramatic tension is dye-in-the-wood and raw power fight, review ” strategic defense initiative ” the nervous atmosphere of Guang Jian duel. The player must defy with strategy the enemy, assess the good qualities of the other side and weakness, at the same time be apt to beats rival with the training of absolutely cavalier, one by one defeats the enigma that encounters on solution along the road. Astral battle is confused a few classical places, weapon, equipment, enemy can discover in game, also can have additionally brand-new ” strategic defense initiative ” part, place, biology, robot and enemy. In raw ingredient of this former juice ” strategic defense initiative ” in the story, astral battle is confused leap leap firm by Caesarean and occupational galaxy. Player as exiled absolutely hero, to live battle while, investigate even disappear the mystery of ancient civilization is round, with rebuilding absolutely cavalier is organized, tear empire eradicates the fond dream of absolutely cavalier. Game characteristic: · body all previous the scene of action of class of movie and TV of its condition: ” strategic defense initiative absolutely: Constituent die falls ” the system of smooth sword warfare with innovation, contented player becomes the longing of absolutely cavalier. This system offers the operation option of archives of attack, case, dodge, tie-in a series of raw power technical ability, you must be apt to is added apply ability to overcome the obstacle before. This warfare system is first-rate begin, but must diligent have a good command of completely at training ability, more exceeding still can learn on adventurous grade ability and skill. · absolutely cavalier story new page: As before absolutely apprentice, currently hold the post ofCaesarean escaped criminal you, training is finished before the plan picture that must sentence an official to discover you rebuild to be organized absolutely in the empire. In the adventurous game of this gut type, below a the absolutely cavalier before you want to be in, grumpy air man and a fearless robot help, escape the empire knits the tight encirclement below. Explore and overcome sundry battle, expeditionary reach riddle challenge. Your roam such as · galaxy: Old the distinctive environment such as the forest of body forest, weather-beaten rock colossus, be haunted, be in ” strategic defense initiative absolutely: Constituent die falls ” wait for you to explore, you can choose to want where to go to next freely. After waiting for you to solve a lock to exceed ability and technical ability newly, can wander on the map with new way, use raw power to make exploration process more successful. Must not linger nevertheless too long, because the empire organizes the member that keeps only absolutely to get rid of, the every act that actively tracks you.

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