Government of Yo green jade reveals ” ghostliness action: Breakpoint ” content of first paragraphs of real opportunity

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Yo green jade released famous tactics to shoot play on its exposure direct seeding a few days ago ” ghostliness action ” of series make newly ” ghostliness action: Breakpoint ” , revealed setting of a few gut and game to play a way. ” breakpoint ” happen in Pacific Ocean mid on an out-of-the-way isle that is called auroral island, over, be called Jiesi Sikaier (the factory of the talent engineer of JaceSkell) is mass-produced all sorts of nobody drive plane and other machine. Can see from inside prevue, be in ” ghostliness action ” in the world, the own weapon that science and technology of Si Kai Er creates got huge takes seriously. A flock of be called ” wolf group ” degenerate elite mercenary is occupational this island, and to Sikaier all unmanned aircraft undertook new process designing. Interesting is, yo green jade emphasizes ” wolf group ” train likewise and mercenary team also is had same capacity with the player, this makes they become player place to act ” ghostliness ” the most formidable opponent that army place encounters. A lot of content that we see in game with ” ghostliness action: Wild ” special likeness. Group of many player group achieves a goal, among them the two cars on the name advance along road, and another crosses bush, surround the enemy. In some hour, the player uses barrier of tool incision metal, give off unmanned aircraft to investigate the area around. Still have a few otherer new additive function, for instance Fu lies conceal ability, in can letting a player blend in an environment, incursion enemy. In game, if the part gets deadly harm, their behavior means also can be affected, will aim a weapon harder for instance. Be in ” ghostliness action: Breakpoint ” in Yo green jade emphasized raising a military affairs to live the importance of the respect, also introduced fatigue idea at the same time, and the influence that does not face shift with the ground of the type. ” ghostliness action: Breakpoint ” will land PS4/Xbox One/PC on October 4 this year. ” ghostliness action: Breakpoint ” official prevue:

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