Gu Ge VR grows up a search heat soare! Enthusiastic masses loves free

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As equipment of VR of two old high end, of Oculus Rift and version of HTC Vive consumer roll out in succession, people is right VR(virtual reality) enthusiasm and curiosity also promote considerably. And of this kind of curiosity had better reflect, be the search heat on Internet.

The intermediary outside occupying reports, cereal song trend (the statistic of Google Trends) shows, the search heat of VR searchs heat in what go 10 years is to stem from lower, smooth condition. But since this year, the search heat of VR is to show what exponential level grows (what if pursue,show) . VR grows up piece search heat also is such, and more apparent.

In area heat respect, VR grows up the city with a the hottest search is ordinal for: Helsinki, Melbourne, Sydney, Bulisi class, Singapore, head Er. The hottest area is ordinal for: Norwegian, Finnish, Korea, Sweden, Australia.

User demand is so exuberant, pornographic website also has corresponding action of course. The month on the pornographic website Pornhub with the greatest whole world says to want to roll out a series of adults little motion picture, technology of embarking virtual reality, serve to popularize this, pornhub still expresses to want to send 10 thousand pairs of VR freely glasses. Nevertheless, VR grows up piece development, and the acceptance of the user is spent how to still remain to observe.

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