” whole area blocks ” 1.2 edition are great update information: Die for a righteous cause not successfully

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” whole area blocks ” it is the game that a special heat discusses, head sales volume is good still after hair, but put in a lot of Bug and flaw because of game at present, bring about a lot of player complaints are heard everywhere.

Atelier of Massive of Yo green jade is in all the time make the best of time the issue with the most outstanding rehabilitate, today, jan Harasym of their online framework engineer states on Reddit forum they will be in the next time great the attempt in updating is brought great improve.

The content that 1.2 version update is very much, we know, the opportunity that this is players of tarry of our last time (also proving us to players is not mental retardation) .

Regretful nevertheless is, now he all of hair post record that everything gets on in Reddit was deleted, the coercive measures that may be Yo green jade (apparent his individual speech makes Yo green jade very embarrassed) , but before be being deleted in it, player group has been passed left. A lot of players express to hope Yo greens jade to listen to the player’s opinion seriously, and think the manner of this employee is very cordial. Deliver post petition in the somebody on forum of government of Yo green jade even, hope Yo green jade does not take castigatory step to Harasym, because of him all the time since it is as interactive as player group the closest person, for instance he once the fall victim player that statistic passes question of patch of Xbox One1.1 version.

The subhead of 1.2 version is conflict, so-called will change a player to be in the game means of shady area, still will increase to inbreak newly the task. About outside hang cogged, yo green jade announces they will take multinomial new step today, in future undertake Zhang date is sealed inside a few days ban. Community manager Natchai affirms on official forum, glenn Fiedler of senior to Yo green jade programmer is right ” whole area blocks ” network pattern is whole degree of doubt that raise, they are preparing to have comprehensive and meticulous response.

The author thinks, everybody to ” whole area blocks ” game of such network of new student brand should hold a few patience, game experiences sure meeting is better and better, do not want to abandon prematurely. Does everybody have He Jian to solve to the flaw of this game and problem? The welcome leaves a message discuss.

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