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The lacing wire in be used to is OK dispel poison of painful, platoon, enhance sexual function, without number of indirect curative effect. Still be helpful for preventing to get hurt, link muscle is inflexible, and model muscle line. BUT common saying says: “Old muscle is too short, life grows hard! “Muscle shrank once upon a time majority happening is on old people body, but nearly ten years computer gains ground, in young even jobs of these case of extended hot season mix the student the crowd of study appears muscle shrinks phenomenon.

Measure oneself: Did your muscle shrink?

Stand, erect body, twist a calcaneal that sees oneself from humeral hind next, can you see? If you cannot see not only, still feel the neck is painful instead, hind the back aches, then you may be to shrink muscle.

Other symptom: 1, the neck is close painful; 2, the waist is strongForum of Shanghai night net

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Straight painful; 3, cannot bow: 4, the back is close painful; 5, the leg is painful reach paralytic; 6, cannot crouch; 7, accident leg: 8, footFall in love with the sea

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Following muscle has emissive drawing painful; 9, footwork is begun not quite1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, close pace walks; 10, the ligament of hip joint has taut feeling; 11, ham both neither can favour sb also cannot the horizontal stroke is exhibited; 12, the body is not agile; 13, muscle is contractive, atrophic: 14, the hand cannot be extended bend (hand muscle shortens) ; 15, activity of hand, foot, ancon, genu is not suitable.

Muscle shrinks endanger Yuan Chao to imagine

Sufferred from muscle to shrink, articulatory territory can be reduced, do not turn to overdo for example, it is difficult to bow, carry extend of leg curved knee joint does not leave. Additional, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The muscle that muscle shrinks still can oppress nerve causes ache, blood-vessel of oppressive, extruding causes the inadequacy that offer blood, muscle arteries and veins is broken raise, a series of disease such as coma tic.

The muscle of different position shrinks to also can cause different disease. Like dizziness, have a headache, neck shoulder is aching but by neck shoulder the muscle of the ministry shrinks cause; The bosom is frowsty, backache, lack of power can shrink by pectoral back muscle cause; Lumbar acerbity genu coma of ache of soft, buttock, lower limbs can shrink by muscle of waist, buttock, ham cause. Connect us the commonnest the muscle that sufferring wind, one catch a cold to have a headache also is the head shrinks be caused by. Muscle shrinks happen very adagio, be in imperceptible between, a lot of people appeared the symptom sees a doctor, had disappeared to turn all the time, or of only part curative effect, the likelihood is muscle shrinks mostly in cause trouble.

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