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Realise the harm of finished product tea with milk as more and more people, then everybody begins to abstain tea with milk. to the tea with milk in inn of tea with milk, those who abstain is more healthy. But some friends tipple abstained tea with milk to also appear a few fat wait for a circumstance. Is this why? Abstain tea with milk to also can use a lot of grandmas actually kind with carbohydrate, can add weight so, serious word, still can contract the disease such as tall blood fat.

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Tea with milk, hold the double nourishment that provides milk and tea concurrently, sweet smell is full-bodied and nice, love by people. But scan widely whole nation, exposure of shady deal of trade of tea with milk is ceaseless, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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How is the tea with milk with city delicate and goluptious carry out made after all? Is unqualified tea with milk healthy to ours what to cause to affect?

Tipple abstains tea with milk have a harm

Tea with milk, just as its name implies, be regard compound of basic raw material as a kind of beverage milk and tea. However, the tea with milk that a lot of city make work contains milk and tea far from however, wait for pink of flavour of grandma essence, fruit, syrup, essence however and become. The grandma fragrance of tea with milk is come from at suckling essence of life. Suckling essence of life is a kind of accretion that the country allows to use, but should control strictly on dosage, its bases is hydrogenation vegetable oil. Hydrogenation vegetable oil contains the many fatty acid that return form, its basically have two sides to the harm of human body: On one hand, it is difficult that the fatty acid that return form metabolizes inside human body, can be as long as 51 days, and common and adipose metabolization needs 7 days only; On the other hand, if long-term and many edible contains the provision of the fatty acid that return form, can increase the sicken risk of the disease such as fat, diabetic, heart and vessels, to teenage growth development also can produce adverse effect.

Tipple abstains tea with milk have a harm

In addition, the volume containing sugar of tea with milk is very high also, it is commonly caramel or Bai Sha candy are joined in modulation process, and a few undesirable businessmen to reduce cost, undertake replacing with the additive agent for food such as saccharin or sweet element, although these are the additive agent for food that the country permits to use, Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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But problem of security of its itself existence. And, when the businessman is being used, often did not undertake be controllinged strictly on dosage. Even if does not use food to addFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Add an agent, drink the tea with milk with the high volume that contain sugar for a long time, also can increase the disease such as fat, diabetic, dental caries, gouty, hypertensionLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Come on risk.

As a whole, to the tea with milk with city unqualified carry out, protein content is lowShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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(contain protein scarcely) , the volume that contain sugar is high, and the additive agent for food that added a variety of human body not to need, it is the drink with value of a kind of nutrition and nutriment very low density, so, we should avoid as far as possible or a few drinkable. If conditional, be in the home to abstain tea with milk is very right choice, not only wholesome safety and nutrition is delicate. So how to abstain nutrient tea with milk?

The method that contains tea with milk is very simple, of tea with milk make general choice black tea, can take gram of 4-6 of black tea leaf or black tea to wrap 1 packet, with dip rolling water bubble 2-3 minute, next filter drops tea bag, add 1 cup of milk, rejoin is right amount caramel or fine saccharic, mix divide evenly can. Want bubble to heat up tea with milk, after with heat milk perhaps adds milk, can heat a bit, bubble ice tea with milk needs to reduce the dosage that rolls water when strong bubble black tea, final rejoin ice cube, a cup full-bodied the nutrient tea with milk of sweet alcohol has been made. The quantity of tea, milk and candy is OK undertake increase and decrease according to his taste, but the dosage that should notice to reduce candy as far as possible, ” south forefinger of Chinese dweller board (2016) ” proposal, adult each everyday the intake of candy does not exceed 50 grams, best control is under 25 grams. Of course, besides tea with milk, still have the nutrient drink that can abstain more very much, peach blossom of nucleus of the make it in putting walnut, earthnut and milk soya-bean milk machine for instance gives birth to milk, among them, milk can complement high grade albumen and calcium, walnut and earthnut all contain rich B a group of things with common features vitamin and dimension E and phosphatide, can prevent cellular ageing, can improve brain function, enhance memory to reach defer consenescence. Of course, because the fat content of walnut and earthnut is higher, should control affiliation capacity.

Through above the method that make can see, abstain nutrient drink to should be abided by ” control total energy, feed material diversification, reduce candy dosage ” basic principle, specific collocation but according to individual be fond of.

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