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Before motion exercises, meeting habit has a lot of peopleForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Nod thing complement energy, when moving so, ability can have power more, a few accident circumstances appear in also can preventing exercise, so the issue came, whether can banana eat before motion?

Can banana eat before motion? Healthy expert answers back and forth

One, banana eating before taking exercise is correct

Forum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net

How should if appear,do when motility hypoglycemia? SomebodyShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

Forum of Shanghai night net
Can sit immediately, hold abdomen in arms with arm; Still person body pitch leans on the wall, although1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
The feeling at that time appears better, but these two kinds of poses go against blood to circulate, it is incorrect. Correct rest means is, answer to suspend campaign instantly, sit on the chair that has back, the upper part of the body a little hind admire. Drink beverage of a few sacchariferous instantly next, common athletic beverage or strong cup syrup are OK, waited for a symptom to disappear, had better not insist to take exercise, should come home in time rest.

Do not have a meal to go to fitness is a mistake, be in before taking exercise one half hours or so commonly, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Should eat the staple food such as a few rice, biscuit, ability offers enough candy to divide to the body. Additional, before moving half hours of banana taking a root, or drink cup sacchariferous beverage to be able to prevent motility hypoglycemia effectively. Just began the person that take exercise, want to notice successive, should not be long violent campaign, lest appear,ligament of bellyacke of hypoglycemia, motility, muscle pulls the athletic injury such as the injury.

Can banana eat before motion? Healthy expert answers back and forth

2, the effect that banana takes before motion

Everybody believes to this kind of view of the thing cannot take before motion, actually this is put in certain and scientific reason, those who eat is too full again games causes gastroptosis, offer hematic inadequacy to limbs. But, a banana eats before motion or very be necessary.

1, complement potassium element

Potassium is the element with indispensable human body, it is normal that its basically rise to maintain nerve and sarcous inside human body function, but human body perspiration is met the potassium element with many eduction, once potassium element is lacked,can appear Mondayish, spirit is depressed wait for a phenomenon.

The candy of the human body when motion, protein and adipose metabolization need the participation of potassium element, still accompany at the same time perspire in great quantities, cause the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of potassium element.

So, a banana eats before motion, compensatory Potassium element very be necessary.

Banana eats to be shared before motion take all sorts of advantage of banana

2, raise blood sugar

A lot of people undertake a few paces appear athletic to appear to just ran constantly giddy, asthma or the case that give abnormal sweating due to general debility, actually this is caused. Blood contains sugar low, energy is insufficient, natural conference appears this kind of phenomenon.

Contain in banana rich candy, protein and a variety of mineral, can raise blood sugar, but won’t bring a lot of quantity of heat to cause fat.

So, a banana eating before motion is necessary, compensatory blood sugar while, among them magnesian element still can eliminate the exhaustion that motion brings.

Banana eats to be shared before motion take all sorts of advantage of banana

3, take the time of banana

Since banana eats before motion very be necessary, when should eat so? A lot of people have doubt to this.

Above all, food enters the second half hour of human body to begin to be digested to absorb. So, before banana is moving 30 minutes of edible.

Next, after food enters the body, blood can be centered in gastric ministry, undertake digestive food, after passing half hours, enter alvine talk for the most part, move again at that time, can reduce gastric ministry burden, avoid the inadequacy offerring blood of gastroptosis and limbs.

Can banana eat before motion? Healthy expert answers back and forth

3, the advantage that gymnastical around takes banana

Banana eats to be able to prevent before fitness use up too much muscle

The side such as a banana eats to maintain a lot of muscle before fitness. After a fitness with greater strength has oxygen to train, it is regular meeting drops sarcous. Very much fitness coach does not suggest hollow do because,having oxygen also is this.

Why should fitness eat banana? Banana eats to protect before fitness ” thin weight ” — muscle, from fitness still 30 minutes can eat banana.

Gymnastical hind eats banana to promote the body to restore

The candy of banana is divided but dextrose of rapid translate into, be absorbed by human body immediately, it is a kind of frequent energy source. Why should fitness eat banana? Gymnastical hind eats banana, the supply of potassium can maintain muscle and nerve function, the strength of muscle of potassium element aggrandizement of banana reachs flesh staying power.

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