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Guttural agnail is the commonner disease in daily life, the many companion after sicken has cracked, the symptom such as laryngeal secretion grow in quantity, having very big effect to communicating communication of people normally, accordingly for can as soon as possible restore, in medication in time while still should control food strictly. Can so guttural agnail have a fish?

Can guttural agnail have a fish?

, guttural agnail can have a fish

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1, cough throat agnail sees at inflammation infection is brought about more, can use antibiotic treatment, can undertake pulverization additionally inspiratory cure. Had better not have a fish, prevent inflammation accentuation. Voice is painful had better not have a fish.

Can guttural agnail have a fish?

2, the fish makes a fire, the meat is raw phlegmy. Guttural agnail should be fedA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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With delicate food, eat fish less. Had better not eat ` ! And1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, if you take medicine, cruelly oppress must Buddhist monastic discipline is dropped.

Can guttural agnail have a fish?

3, unfavorable have a fish. The fish is1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Hair content, conduce heats up the action that reacts with aggravating inflammation. Because this is unfavorable,have a fish. Same all sorts of hot excitant food all should not be eat. Include all sorts of sweet food inside, because sweetmeat is helpful for the bacterium inside stomatitis disease breeding, reaction of OK and aggravating inflammation because this unfavorable also edible.

2, what does throat agnail eat

1, tea of the seed of boat-fruited sterculia

the seed of boat-fruited sterculia and licorice according to 2 undertake developing bubble with boiled water than the scale of 1, can take after ten minutes. The effect that the seed of boat-fruited sterculia has very good moist throat and antiphlogistic detumescence, and licorice is to be able to remove Qing Dynasty to heat up acetanilide effect, after two kinds of medicinal materials mix one case, can treat those vocal cords effectively to use the case of the guttural inflammation that excessive place causes and gall.

2, Mai Mendong tremella tea

Main material is Maimendong, figwort and tremella, developed bubble about ten minutes or so to be able to be taken with boiled water. The tremella has the effect of mucous membrane of very good damage of moist, rehabilitate. This kind of method to a few because ate hot food or excessiveA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The effect of therapy of guttural painful circumstance that smoke wine stimulation causes is very good.

3, lily tea of the bulb of fritillary

Prepare the root of straight ladybell of potion of pink of lily, the bulb of fritillary to wait for a quantity, develop bubble with boiled water next, can take directly after about 5 minutes. The pharynx and larynx that because allergic place is caused,this cookbook basically applies to is scratchy and the circumstance of cough, if appear,additionally guttural agnail, hyperaemia waits a circumstance a moment also can be taken.

4, Wu Mei drink

Bubble will rush about 15 minutes with boiled water after smoked plum batter down, after taking taphole Zi OK slowly take. Eat everyday, have very good collect shade and the effect that promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, chronic to cure pharynx and larynx is painful and waiting illness effect a moment rustily is very good.

5, candied date or jujube licorice soup

Choose candied date or jujube 8, unripe licorice 6 grams, candied date or jujube, will unripe licorice adds clear water two bowls, decoct reachs a bowl, go broken bits can. Can do beverage to take, daily two. Have the effect that lung of gas of the beneficial in filling, embellish relieves a cough. Apply to chronic dry larynx of bronchitic, cough, pharynx is painful wait for disease.

6, water chest nut turnip juice

With water chest nut, Xian Luobo each 500 grams. water chest nut abluent flay, xian Luobo is abluent stripping and slicing, become juice with the agitate inside machine of the juice that put agitate. Daily drink juice counts cannikin, take 3~5 day repeatedly. It is OK pharynx of clear hot advantage, leave sound is expectorant. Apply to the disease such as bare of hoarse of guttural gall, sound, eye, conduce to improve color of skin

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Mix Su Xie dish

Purple perilla leaf 60 grams, green 30 grams, green pepper 10 grams, a few of salt, balm. On 3 flavour are abluent, it is broken end, add the condiment such as right amount salt, balm, can be prandial cold dish. Scattered chill () of sudoriferous induce sweat, connect Yang Liyan. Advocate the pharyngitis that outside treating cold, raids.

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