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Article introduction

Pear is one of very common fruits in the life, but its nutrition parent is very tall however, still have effect of certain medicaments health care, accordingly, like to eat pearForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
The person is very much, of pear having a way basically is unripe feed give priority to, and develop to the health care of pear as people more and more thorough, many people begin to accept other more healthy have a way, for example, evaporate pear boils pear effect what to have, how Where is edible?

Evaporate pear boils pear effect what to have, how Where is edible?


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A lot of girls can cut a pear eat to oneself, do not cross such doing to may be just the opposite to what one wished. Pear belongs to cold sex, meeting giving birth to pear has when the weather is cold more feeling body is cold, unripe pear cannot eat more when chill of diseases caused by external factors causes cough. But if boil pear, the circumstance differred completely. The pear that thoroughly cook goes besides cold sex, pear skin can become summary suffering, go the effect of dry embellish lung is released completely. The lignin in pear seed is belonged to originally cannot dissolve fiber, but the meeting after heating is dissolved in alvine path, outside will pernicious cholesterol uncover form.

Evaporate pear boils pear effect what to have, how Where is edible?

Edible method:

1, pear syrup (or pear juice) : Pear 2000g, mincing pound, wring take juice (or decoct takes juice) , small fire is boiled to thick stiff, join 1 times honey, mix even and decoct boil, wait for cold become namely. Take 1~2 spoon every time, take medicine with water of warm boiled water. If temporarily urgent need, usable pear is wrung take juice to take, or the unripe fruit that chew delicacy. Boil pear cream take, have raise shade goodly to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, moisten the respiratory tract stops thirsty action. Use at disappear thirsty to be fond of drink. Yi Ke is used at ablaze of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability, body fluid loss by a natural process, thirsty be perturbed, pharynx painful larynx works, aphonia, or lobar dry coughs.

Evaporate pear boils pear effect what to have, how Where is edible?

2, pear of lilac cook over a slow fire: Pear 1 (big) , dig go nucleus, put 15 into lilac, external use dish leaf or wrap up of wet rough straw paper, cooked food of the cook over a slow fire in Yu Huo ash (seal the pear that puts lilac solid, ) of Yi Ke of evaporate cooked food. Cooked food of pear cook over a slow fire can beneficial stomach raises sex of shade; clove lukewarm, have fall go against and the stomach stops vomit action, use together with pear, although lukewarm and not hot and dry. Use at the stomach deficiency of vital energy loses or the queasy vomiting of gastric cold be caused by is fed.

3, pear of evaporate of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb: Pear a (Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Big) , dig go nucleus, 3g(of mother of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb grinds end) , rock candy is comfortableShanghai noble baby

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Quantity, in bringing into pear along with all the others, had sealed, thoroughly cook or evaporate is ripe. Take 2 times feed. Mother of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb is embellish lung expectorant, relieve a cough want drug, pear, rock candy all lung of can distinct hot benefit is expectorant. Use at lung hot and dry, cough is phlegmy yellow stiff, guttural and dry.

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