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Article introduction

Although a lot of dish look be like simple, but to one the individual’s craft and duration accusing is to have cultured very. Especially old duck soup it needs this food not only an accuses to do old duck boiling water duration with the individual’s clear one way that knows old duck boiling water and even very good measure. because such, when many people are doing old duck boiling water, taste what unlike others does is good in that way drink, and what old duck Shang Zuichang stews is a turnip, what does duck flesh stew the practice of the turnip to have so?

Duck flesh stews the practice of the turnip

, method / measure

Above all, wash the duck that buys cleanForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
, chop becomes chunk, the part of the tail had better be take out, because the flavour over there is thicker. The method of chop is, first chop drops wing share, hold leg root office next, go to from inside outside the skin chop. Duck flesh is softer, such can better chop some.

A bowl of big water is added in boiler, good chop duck meat is put, open conflagration to be boiled. The end that such doing is a duck flesh roll water too, go the duck fishy smell inside, a few ginger still can be joined to help purify in water.

Duck flesh stews the practice of the turnip

Waiting for the empty shelves that water opens, husk the turnip chop becomes chunk. Right now the reason of chop is, duck flesh can be used directly after water too, equipment is early, turnip because the meeting is long in park air, produce the surface to send yellow phenomenon.

The part of very light blue of shallot is cut paragraph, green leaf part cuts chopped green onion. Green does not need too much, a few OK, had better not replace with garlic bolt, garlic bolt and duck flesh are fed together, produce bromatoxism easily.

Duck flesh is in in boiled water after extensive is white, with escape unpunished leakage, put clean in clear water, the oily foam above scour off, turn into electric pressure cooker next, add water, turnip, very light blue, with right amount salt. Because the flesh itself of the duck is fatter, so thisShanghai Long Feng forum

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Daoshangli need not add edible oil additionally.

Duck flesh stews the practice of the turnip

6 stew in electric pressure cooker boil 15 minutes or so, already but edible. If do not have electric pressure cooker, using other boiler also is possible, just compare take time. After giving boiler, scatter on chopped green onion, turnip duck broth has been done.

2, method / measure

The turnip is abluent reserve, fresh duck is abluent reserve.

One boiler waterFall in love with the sea

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Burn, put in duck meat roll water. This one measure basically is water boils a blood inside duck flesh come out. After rolling water, duck flesh is scooped up fill dish.

The 2 a few that put oil, fire 7 into heat. (The hand is put the feeling has above oil1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Steam is about the same) pour duck flesh to break up fry, till till the feeling duck flesh becomes angry. Boiler is filled since dish.

3 oily a few, heat; Gan Gongjiao, anise, cassia bark, ginger, garlic valve breaks up into boiler fry a fragrance (about one minute of) , duck flesh, the turnip enters boiler, break up fry, join right amount salt and unripe smoke. (This step is very important, here joins salt first, waiting slowly tasty) . Break up fry probably 5 minutes or so, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Enter clear water, water has overflowed duck flesh turnip had better. The boiler on the lid is built, conflagration is boiled, next small fire is stewed slow. How many what water always must pay close attention to to measure during, now and then break up fry. Boil till the turnip sodden can give boiler.

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