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Article introduction

In nutrient bound normally, think one meat or fish one element one soup is collocation of 3 eat first-rate, can need from place of nutrition of human body of many sided complement, the vitamin content of balanced human body. Especially for the patient of frail to a few constitutions or firm undergo surgery, drink boiling water of a few chicken broth, chop more wait for soup to be able to have first-rate nourishing effect to the body. But the collocation that chooses when the chicken that stew feeds capable person also is special cultured, so with what should the chicken that stew distribute food after all?

The chicken that stew distributes food with what

Chicken serves as commonly feed capable person nourishingly, no matter be to leave hospital take good care of sb, still give birth to the child, everybody can be boiled in the home make chicken broth, muscle nutrition is rich, belong to oneFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Kind lukewarm fill feed capable person, thoroughlying cook chicken is a very good nourishing food. But how need not just elapse nutrition, chain completely, this moment chicken broth is best choice, OK and very good chain nutrition inside soup juice. What a lot of people do not like chicken broth is drab, so, what does chicken broth put delicious.

Chicken broth is exceedingly delicious, chicken broth reflects delicious taste with simple way commonly, it is a whole chicken flying water later, it is OK to add a few flavorings appropriately, although the method is simpleNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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, but the beauty that the chicken broth that does enters the mouth to be changed namely really, what does chicken broth put delicious, additionally chicken broth can stew black agaric, Xianggu mushroom, yam, turnip to taste is very pretty good, today, give everybody introduction, chicken broth stews black agaric.

What does chicken broth put delicious, the practice of the black agaric chicken that stew (the meat or fish in element) this is leading role, blueness plain agaric, the word that did not differentiate experience and common agaric do not have distinction. Deserved to nod the condiments that stew remains in the home, medlar, yi benevolence and the root of remembranous milk vetch still have an angelica head, the thing is good, did not grab advocateLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Horny elegant demeanour.

The chicken that stew distributes food with what

All things are abluent next boiler, electric pressure cooker used 25 minutes, the boss said, what does chicken broth put delicious, chicken is earthy chicken it is good that so time grows a point. Boiling water is very fresh, chicken is very delicate, agaric especially delicious! ! Such collocation, ought to also won’t make mistake.

Raw material:

Young chicken, the person is little half OK also, dry agaric. Shanghai night net

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Measure 1: Young chicken cut is small, after been cut, wash clean. Ear buys dry wood to do bubble half hour. Wash clean next, go the base of a fruit cuts small.

Measure 2: Cold water pours in boiler, enter gallinaceous piece, add bead of Chinese prickly ash 20 such, want too much, put Jiang Pian, green paragraph, cooking wine.

Measure 3: Big baked wheaten cake leaves, cast aside foam giving surplus, turn small firebrand chicken piece burn rot most probably, want 15 minutes probably.

The chicken that stew distributes food with what

Measure 4: Fall to had washed stand-by agaric. Life34.cn feels, add saline small fire next 10New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Minute can give boiler.

Measure 5: Green of the fish out before giving boiler paragraph, the chopped green onion that increase a point can. Agaric has moist and strong, embellish lung filling head, light body strong mark, raise flourish with blood, enrich the blood invigorate the circulation of blood, composed and acetanilide wait for effect, it is natural nourishing agent. Have effect of embellish lung and bowel of clear cleanse stomach.

What does chicken broth put delicious introduce so much for everybody, additional, chicken broth still has officinal value, can enhance the immune power of people, when this season is alternant, a lot of people can catch a cold, although chicken broth cannot catch a cold in order to treat, but can alleviate the symptom of the cold and the immune system function that improve people. Restrain the happening of inflammation of human body interior, but again good food is unfavorable also eat more, stop where it should stop, lest had filled, go to1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Into the burden of the body.

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