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Everybody knows mango this kind of intertropical fruit, look from appearance, main component is mango two kinds big, it is wampee mango and green skin mango respectively, two kinds of mango are very popular, mango of skin eating blueness has a lot of profit, have aperient effect for instance, because green skin mango contains a lot ofcellulose,this is, ate to be able to prevent constipation, eat green skin mango to be able to protect cardiovascular system to wait a moment additionally, everybody teachs to eat blueness belowLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
The accurate method of leather mango.

How does green Pi Mang eat?

How does green Pi Mang eat?

Mango is a kind of intertropical fruit that a lot of people like to eat most, but there is a bigger stone among it, taste can more troublesome at ordinary times, not be to let be stained with on the hand bigForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Quantity fruit juice, can stay on pit namely have a large number of pulp. So how should mango eat? Mango has what skill when eat, small today make up say for old furniture body.

1, mango has a way one

Urgent flay does not want first when everybody eats mango at ordinary times, should wash mango with clear water clean, use fruit knife next in mango the 1/3 of two side is in incision, get two the flesh of fruit, hold peel in the palm in the hand again next, delimit it into lump with fruit knife, break up downward with handgrip peel, , pulp comes out to be able to take out edible directly with respect to can automatic dew.

How does green Pi Mang eat?

2, mango has a way 2

At ordinary times when everybody eats mango if be afraid of,stick in the fruit on the hand in after only best method makes mango squashy namely, be being put in the hand, squash back and forth, let the pulp molten inside, produce a large number of juice, at this moment reoccupy tooth has a small hole in the one aspect of the matter of mango, suck gently in place of that small hole with the mouthA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Feed inside the pulp of bate is OK.

3, mango has a way 3

Mango can take out pulp edible directly not simply, still can make a variety of cate offer human edible, salad of the fruit juice that use awn makes sauce with mango, make cake with mango or ice cream is it is common have one of ways, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Be in numerous in having a way, Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
Using mango to make grandma former time is the simplest most nourishing has one of ways, can take out the flesh of fruit of mango honey is added to flavor after the agitate in putting arrange machine together with milk is taken out into grandma former times but direct edible.

How does green Pi Mang eat?

The nutrient value of green Pi Mang:

1, mango contains rich candy, vitamin, protein 0.65%-1.31% , pulp of every 100 grams contains carotene 2281-6304 microgramme, 14%-24.8% of content of solubility solid form, and the microelement with indispensible human body (selenium, calcic, phosphor, Potassium, iron) content is very high also.

2, mango has ” the king of intertropical fruit ” good name, nutrient value is high. Mango quantity of heat makes an appointment with 57 calorie (100 grams / flesh of a big mango) , vitamin A content is as high as 3.8% , even more than apricot give 1 times. The content of vitamin C also exceeds orange, strawberry.

3, pulp of every 100 grams contains vitamin C56.4-137.5 milligram, some can be as high as 189Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Milligram; Contain candy to measure 14-16% ; Protein is contained in the seed 5.6% ; Adipose 16.1% ; Carbohydrate 69.3% .

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